About me

Hello, let me intoduce myself!

I am an artist living and working in lovely Poland.

I specialise in Surface Pattern Design and Textile Design.I attended School of Form and graduated in Visual Merchandsing. 

Painting, sewing and creating is a part of my happy place. I can easily say I am a lover of all existing dots, squares, lines, flowers and colors from the bottom of my heart.  And that love pushed me to pursue career in Pattern Design. There is no better feeling than to work everyday on something that brings joy and fullfilment to your life. And the happy dance you do everytime you see your design in reality- it's addicting!

I draw inspiration from the world around me- my travels, my parents garden or just a simple conversation. In my work I use mixed media to achieve interesting effects. Acrylic, paint pouring, watercolors. All my works are digitalized and changed to vector graphics to ensure the best quality for different kinds of patterns.

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Welcome to my world of Surface Pattern Design. I would like to invite you to explore my colorful patterns and crazy products. Feel free to contact me with anything you need. Let's make something beautiful together!